For all you folks on Twitter, science has discovered the art of the perfect tweet. It turns out that the Twitterverse likes a good reputation, straightforward approaches and well-known brands. And, oh, it gets really get giddy over tech stuff, too. New research from UCLA and Helwett-Packard says the most popular news-based tweets—and the ones that get shared the most—all follow a similar pattern and claim to be able to predict a tweet’s popularity with 84 percent accuracy.

Researchers say that even at 140 characters or less, some of the standby basics of news gathering still hold: a reliable news organization giving straightforward bits about a reputable company will draw the most interest.

(LIST: The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2012)

As Mashable explains, an ideal tweet includes a storied news organization, say the New York Times, sharing a link to one of their stories about a super-popular brand…

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