Studies in Daniel — Chapter 3

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Daniel 3:13-18, 22-27

See also 1 Jn. 5:21; I Thess. 5:24; Ps. 23:4; Matt. 18:20; Acts 18:9-10; Rev. 2:10; Josh 24:14-15


Faithful – The 3 wise men daily worshiped God.

Insult – The advisors prompted the king to set up an idol.

Edict – The advisors incited the king to issue a do-or-die edict.

Reliance – Before they were tested the three expressed their faith in God and their faithfulness to God.

Yokefellow – There were 4 persons in the furnace and not three; and the king said the       fourth was like a son of God.

Exemplary story:  Ashley Sidney Johnson found inspiration in the story of George Mueller.  When he ran a school for boys George Mueller believed the promise found in Matthew 6:6.  When he prayed he would trust no one but God to supply his need, and God did so.


3 thoughts on “Studies in Daniel — Chapter 3

  1. Cindy Mallin says:

    II love the reference to George Mueller. Do you know about the PARAPHRASED version? .

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