Studies in Daniel – Chapter 11

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Chapter 11

Lesson 11

Daniel 11:21-35

See also: Mk. 13:14; I John 2:8 & 4:3; Daniel 8:13-14; 2 Thess. 2:3; 2 John 2:7


South v. 21 Palestine was caught in the grips of the Ptolemies in the South and the Selucids in the North.

Invasion v. 24-27 Antiochus Epiphanes took it upon himself to invade and conquer the South.

Egypt v. 28-29 The South come under the rule of Antiochus Epiphanes when he had the reigning Ptolemy killed.  He could keep his throne only a brief time.  He looted Egypt once and planned to do so a second time. True to the scripture a fleet of ships resisted him and turned him north toward Jerusalem.

Godlessness v. 21 In his anger Antiochus Epiphanes left Egypt to raid Jerusalem.  In Palestine he was responsible for the slaughter of 40,000 troops, the capture of 20, 000 troops, and the expulsion of 20,000 more troops.  To add to his conquest he had the temple desecrated with the sacrifice of a pig, and he set up a pagan image there.

Expulsion v. 33 -35 Antiochus Epiphanes was overcome by the underground forces of Israel led by Judas Maccabeus.

Exemplary story:  Today’s youth revel in the thought of playing with Wii.  Before there was Wii, there was Gamebox.  Before there was Gamebox there was the computer game Pong. However, before these computerized games there was something far more graphic – the vivid dream.  In answer to Daniel’s prayers he was sent a vivid dream, and the prophetic dream came to pass in the decades that followed.


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