Studies in Daniel – Chapter 12

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Chapter 12

Daniel 12:1-4

See also: Rev. 20: 12-13; Exodus 32:33; I Thess. 4:15-16; I Cor. 15:52


Animosity will end v. 1 The time of distress and conflict will end.

Waiting will end v. 2 Deliverance will come.  The prophesies will be fulfilled.

Anxiety will end v. v. 1 If your name is written in the book, you will have no more worries. As Freshmen in a Christian college we signed a book called the “Book of Life”  We were enacting a drama that will come to pass at the end of the age.

Killing will end v. 2. They dead will awake to life.  The little children who were killed while they were going to church will live again.  Thanks be to God.  Here is an Old Testament reference to the coming resurrection.

Eternity will just begin v. 3. The wise and the righteous will shine for ever and ever.  The hymn writer asked, “Will there be any stars in your crown?”  For the faithful the answer is a resounding Yes.

Exemplary story:  JoAnn was not expecting an answer when she ended her phone call. She had just situated her two-year-old daughter in her car seat when the phone rang.  JoAnn’s husband had called to say that a worker had been injured on the job, and he was asked to stay late tonight to finish the daily quota, and he would be working through the weekend.  Their wedding anniversary plans would have to be postponed.  The baby sitter would not be needed for the evening. With tears in her eyes the mother spoke aloud without thinking and said, “When will it ever end?’ To her surprise the mother heard her two-year-old repeat a phrase she had picked up somewhere, “God only knows.”   JoAnn looked in the rearview mirror to see the two-year-old smiling contentedly.  This time JoAnn was thinking when she spoke aloud and said to her daughter, “Jen, you are so right.  God only knows.”  God knows the outcome of life, and from that we can take great comfort.


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