Scary Bible Stories — Cain and Able

English: Cain after murder of Abel Русский: Ка...

English: Cain after murder of Abel Русский: Каин после убийства Авеля (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scary Bible Stories – Gen. 4:1-11


See also:Heb. 11:4; Prov. 14:30; Matt. 19:18; Ex. 20:13; Eph. 1:7; Matt 27:4; Acts 20:28




Disapproval — Cain‘s offering lacked faith, and it met with God’s disapproval.

Envy – Cain suffered from envy when he wanted the effect without the effort.  Sound familiar?

Attach – The very brother who has “got your back” may be the one who stabs you in the back.  So Cain killed Able.

Testimony – Poe’s “Tell-tale Heart” is a gruesome story of murder.  Before Poe there was the murder of Able.  Old evangelists who preached on the subject spoke of the “Talkin’ Blood.”

Hysteria – All too late Cain had second thoughts.  “What if I turn my back?” We could avoid so much hysteria if only we thought of the welfare of our brothers and sisters.


Exemplary story: An old nursery rhyme explains that for want of a horse shoe nail a kingdom was lost.  For want of faith a life was lost, the life of righteous Able. Don’t let your lack of faith bring you to ruin.


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