How a Saint enter Glory — Good Old Jim Curtis

How a Saint entered into Glory – Good Old Jim Curtis

On Sunday, November 18, 2012, a simple graveside service was conducted for James Darryl Curtis of Elizabethton, Tennessee.

He was an inspiration to me in life, and he proved to be an inspiration in death.

He was a friend, mentor, encourager, and pastor to our family. He had assisted me in pastoral training as a young man. He performed the marriage for my wife and me, and after attending my late wife in her illness he performed her funeral.   I will miss Jim.

To know Jim was to know someone who knew how to have a good laugh on himself.

The stories about Jim seem endless. Yes, he was serious about his love for the Lord, and he was committed to finding fun in life. I shall focus on just one thing from his funeral that is an inspiration even now.

It was no surprise to any of us that he consulted with the undertaker about his burial rites. What was done was true to form. He was outfitted in a short-sleeved plaid shirt. He asked that he be laid to rest with his pens in his shirt pocket and with a jar of peanut butter placed in the casket.

Egyptian pharaohs buried treasures and slaves with them in pyramids to prepare for the after-life. Native Americans buried hunting bows, arrows, and axes in preparation to meet the Great Spirit. What Jim did makes perfect sense to me. He would need his pens in case he wanted to make a note for a sermon. He wanted some good ole’ peanut butter to enjoy during snack-time.

May God bless Jim’s wife, his three sons and their families, and the community that loved him dearly.


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