The December Newborn Who Had it Good.

Newborn lamb

Newborn lamb (Photo credit: brittgow)

He had it good.


As I looked at the newborn child I held I thought about the world he had come into.

“Now your in it with me, Buddy,” I thought to myself.

“You said in you text you were leaving for the hospital about 4 PM yesterday,” I stated. “Were you in labor until this morning at 5 AM?”

“No, he wouldn’t come.  We tried this and that.  Finally the doctor had to take him,” said the mother.

“He wanted to stay where he was,” said the father.  “He had it good.”

Then my mind went back to another December child, Jesus.  According to John 1:1 Jesus, the word, was with God.  Talk about having it good.  That was it.  Yet, he did leave heaven for our sake.




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