Christmas in Matthew — A Royal Christmas

Mary and Jesus

Mary and Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas in Matthew – A Royal Christmas – Matthew 1:1, 18

See also: Psalm 89:3-4; Genesis 12;3; Isaiah 7:14; I Peter 4:1; Colossians 1:19, 20


Royal – v. 1 — Jesus was of the lineage of the king David and the patriarch Abraham.

Elegant – v. 18 — The magi came bearing royal gifts. Little did the parents know that they would need these royal gifts for  a flight to Egypt

Geneological– vs. 1-17 – Matthew takes care to trace the genealogy of Jesus. Why? Mary married into the family of Joseph. It was a legal marriage, since they were the same house, the house of David.

Angelic – v. 20 – It was an angle that directed Joseph to leave for Egypt. Thanks to God for sending his angels to care for his little ones.

Liberal – v. 23 – Jesus was born to be a King for us: Emmanuel, God with us. He was a King for the people. No palace walls separated Him from those He came to lead.

Exemplary Story: Little Mary told her family that at recess she would pretend she was a house decorator. When her ailing grandfather heard the story, he made Mary a huge doll house along with a carriage house. The doll house was the last gift he would ever give to Mary. Day after day Mary joyfully played with the  doll house when she came home from school. One day in December Mary’s teacher came on a surprise visit to the home. The mother wanted to show off her daughter’s skills as a decorator, and she invited the teacher to see the doll house. What the mother found was shocking. The child had taken the animals from the family manger scene and placed them in the bedrooms and living areas of the doll house. The embarrassed mother was about to lead the teacher away when her daughter appeared. Mary said, “How do you like it? I was decorating for Christmas. So, I put all the animals in the house, and I put all the people in the carriage house. You see, my Sunday School teacher told me how there was no room for Jesus in the inn.


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