Turning Corners in Faith

Stop Sign-State Property

Stop Sign-State Property (Photo credit: Lee Cannon)

Turning Corners in Faith 


It was still early, and the rain clouds had not yet unloaded their chilling rain on this January 1, 2013. So, I decided to press on.


I was cycling before it began to rain.  If you don’t cycle, you may not appreciate the feeling of beating rain and cold.  I had watched the weather and the clouds from the day before.  I knew that if there was a New Year’s Day ride for me, it would have to be early.  Now I was on the short ride, and I didn’t want to stop.


I crossed Lexington Drive, and I resumed the Bicentennial Greenway.  Within three hundred yards the greenway split.  First, I turned right and continued to a stop sign.  Enough.  I returned, and at the fork I took the left split.


There it was.  Surprise.  A park sign.  Let me see where this goes, I was saying to myself.  Within just another two hundred yards I was at the park.  It was the  Montlieu Elementary School park.


Four or five days of the week I ride past the school on my way to work.  When traffic slows I look at the park and wonder where the trails and the walkway lead.  I wonder how they connect with the other trails.


Here was one more of those lessons on faith.  If only I would apply a little more faith and a little more foot power the surprise might be that I would find an answer to my questions.


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