Signs and works in John’s Gospel — John 2:1-11

c. 1437-1446

c. 1437-1446 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs and Works in John’s Gospel — John 2:1-11

See John 17:3; Luke 7:33; Matt. 8:3; Ps 16:11; I Kings 17:13-16

W – I – N – E

Wedding – Jesus went to a wedding. As a youth I was advised by my pastor not to go places where I might be compromised. Jesus was never compromised by the places he went just because of who he was.

Invitation – It is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who comes to request that he get involved. At first he brushes off the request, but in the end he does reply. She was asking that he just do what he can. When have we last asked that Jesus just do what he can for us?

Novel – Something unseen and unexpected happened. The novel happened. In John’s Gospel you are invited to see the after effects of the miracle. They knew only that the best was served at the last. For the disciples it was an insight into the workings of their master. What is it you see God doing?

Eternal – John reports that this was the beginning of signs, and it prompted belief. The eternal had stepped into time.

Exemplary story: When I served as a very young minister, I was eager to do my first weddings and funerals. Soon I found that I preferred to avoid weddings, since the demand for counseling seemed to me to be so great. An old minister who wanted to encourage me said he did weddings eagerly as a way to reach out to families. I suppose that Jesus had the best of motives when he went to the wedding in Cana.


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