Signs and Works in John’s Gospel — John 9: 1-11

The Light of the World (Manchester Art Gallery)

The Light of the World (Manchester Art Gallery) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs and Works in John’s Gospel – John 9:1-11 A Blind Man is Healed

S – I – G – H – T

See also: Ezek. 18:20; Ps 78:38; Jn. 6:41; 10:11; Acts 2:38; James 2:17; 2 Tim. 1:8

Speculation on Sin – vs. 1-2 – The disciples saw the man as an lab animal to be examined at will. They wanted to know who sinned, and they assumed there was a causal connection. Have you met people who believe that suffering is always linked to sin?

I Am – v. 3 – Jesus would have none of it. He is not buying the sin-causes-suffering theology. He takes charge. He declares he is what is needed, he is the light of the world.

Go – v. 6 – Jesus blesses the man by anointed his eyes. The man must have faith, but the faith must be accompanied by works. He is commanded, “Go.” God asks that our faith be accompanied by works. It is so in conversion and after.

How – v. 10 – Here we are again. How could it be? The crowd is still wrapped up in how things happen. This time they must understand they cannot play the blame game.

Testimony – v. 11 – The man had a testimony, a simple story. It was Jesus who made me whole. That should be our story too.

Exemplary Story: Have you ever needed a light? I needed one in a cave in Tennessee. I was working with some other young men who boasted of knowing where caves were at. I foolishly believed and asked to be shown the caves. After work three of us went in a car in search of a cave. “There, no, that’s not it.” As we drove on I got the impression that they did not know where the cave was at. Eventually we settled on exploring a different cave. Once in the cave we could go about fifteen feet before we came to the edge of a pit. My poor flashlight could not reach the other edge, and I was wearing a pair of slick-soled running shoes. “Jump,” they said. They jumped. I held back as I thought of my wife who was in a hospital. I could not be injured while she was critically ill. So, I turned right and explored a tiny room while the others went on in the dark. My flashlight failed me but the light of my common sense relieved me of a danger. One light that promises not fail us is Jesus, the light of the world.


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