Sign and Works in John’s Gospel — John 19:1-6, 17-22

Jesus, on the cross, is mocked in Calvary as t...

Jesus, on the cross, is mocked in Calvary as the King of the Jews, Luke 23:36-37 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs and Works in John’s Gospel – John 19:1-6, 17-22

C – R – O – S – S

See also: Deut. 21:22-23; Matt. 27:29; Rev. 14:14; I Cor. 15:3-4; Gal. 2:20; 2 Cor. 5:21

Crown – v. 1, 5 –The soldiers picked up thorns. Thorns were used to start fires in that ancient culture. To humiliate Jesus they wove a crown that would follow him to the cross.

Robe – v. 2-3 – Purple. You will see purple draped over crosses on church lawns at this time of year. It is a reminder that Jesus was robed in purple as a mockery.

Outcry – v. 6 – The leaders started the outcry. “Crucify.” Pilate had believed that the people would be moved by sympathy, and they would have been if not for the leaders. Instead there is the sense of outrage.

Skull – v. 17 – It was a rock formation called Golgotha. It was a place of execution. It is very likely that there were skulls there that were reminders of the gruesome deaths some suffered there. It was there they led Jesus to be executed.

Sign – v. 19-22 – To identify the crime a sign was placed over Jesus head. It was written in three languages – Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. All should know his crime. He was the King of the Jews. This was one of the signs of the Gospel of John, the sign of the king crucified. Here under this sign his head fell forward to rest on his chest one last time. Here he died to save humanity from sin.

Exemplary story: Our instructor, Floyd Clark, would ask us questions to get us to think about our faith. One day he asked some of the young ladies in class why they wore a cross as a piece of jewelry. “Would you wear a guillotine? Would you wear a gallows? Would you wear a replica of an electric chair?” He wanted the young women to appreciate the cross for what it was – a reminder of Jesus’ sacrificial death.


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