Signs and Works in John’s Gospel — John 20:2-18

The Women see the Empty Tomb

The Women see the Empty Tomb (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Signs and Works in John’s GospelJohn 20:2-13, 18

D – A – W — N
See also: Mark 16:6; Matt. 16:20; Hosea 6:2; I Cor. 15:4; Psalm 16:10; Acts 2:31

Duo — vs. 3-4 We have seen these two friends together so often, Peter and John. Now they are prepared to race to the tomb. One halts outside, and one steps in. They both find only the wrappings.

Angelic Announcement — v. 13 — Angels told the story – He is not here. When I attended my Aunt’s funeral one of her sons looked at the body and said, “It’s just a shell.” There was no shell in Jesus’ tomb. He was raised.

Women – v. 1, 11-13, 18 — Give credit where credit is due. They made the discovery. They were quick to believe. They gave the good news. He is alive.

New Age – v. 18 — Never before had there been a tomb that would remain empty. Now a new age dawned. Jesus was brought to life by the power of the Father. There is hope.

Exemplary story: I miss the setting of the sun due to my work schedule. Still, I can tune my ear to the events outdoors at the beginning of the day. Just about 6:42 AM there will be a pair of birds that begin their call. They are singing their praise to their maker for a new day. From them we should learn to welcome the new day God makes.


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