Recalling a Disciple — John 21:13-22

Peter's Denial by Rembrandt, 1660. Jesus is sh...

Peter’s Denial by Rembrandt, 1660. Jesus is shown in the upper right hand corner, his hands bound behind him, turning to look at Peter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recalling a Disciple – John 21:13-22

L – A – M – B – S

See also: Prov. 16:24; John 1:41-42, 18:25-27; Luke 12:9; Rms. 8:1; Matt. 7:5

Landside Breakfast – vs. 13-14 — Jesus met the disciples a third time to give them breakfast

Aggravating Asking – vs. 15 – 17 — Jesus began to question Peter. Then he went on questioning Peter. Three times he asked Peter if he loved him.

Memory – vs. 15 – 17 — If you need something to jog your memory you can repeat it. Jesus repeated the question three times. Three must have had some significance. Indeed. It reminded Peter that he had betrayed the master three times.

Burden – vs. 17 – Peter was grieved by the questioning. Peter could have gone on serving even if he never came to terms with his betrayal, but the burden would have weighed on his spirit. How often we carry burden in our spirit that are unresolved. Until it is settled it weighs upon us.

Satisfaction – vs. 19, 22 — Peter said he loved Jesus, and Jesus was willing to receive the answer. So, he called Peter to follow. He said it twice, “Follow me.” If Peter was unsure of his calling, he had the reassurance that Jesus called him again. First he called him to fish for men. Now he called him to feed his lambs, that is, his followers. Have you allowed Jesus to recall you?

Exemplary story: As a child I enjoyed a show that today’s children would view as too simple. An actress named Sheri had a sock puppet named “Lambchop.” Children were taught basic lessons in right and wrong by the sock puppet. Of course, the real teacher was not the lamb puppet but the puppet master. The simple skit reminds us that all of God’s little sheep need someone to show them the right way to live.


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