Security Run

English: Person with a walking stick

English: Person with a walking stick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you work for an extension center of a university you are called upon to do some odd things.

On Saturday, April 20, I had a note from the city to the school. They informed the school that if they responded to another false alarm they would charge the university.

On Thursday, April 25 I made an emergency security check for the university. Here is a partial account.

9:30 PM — I escort the last face-to-face teacher to the back door and wait to insure that she and her granddaughter can enter the car safely.

9:45 PM — I accompany the last female student to the back door and watch until she is safely inside her vehicle and it starts.

9:50 PM — I leave campus after another lock-up. I have walked the halls testing doors to make sure lights were out and doors were locked. During some lock-ups I have an odd sense. It is so tonight.

10:50 PM — I am about to prepare to retire at my residence. I hear the phone ring. It is TYCO. The operator apologizes for the late call and asks if I will verify my identity. Zone 4, the back door, has been breached.

10:51 PM — I am asked by TYCO whether the police should be dispatched. I have 3 decisions: (1) forget it and safely await the next day; (2) let the police answer the call and risk the expense of another false alarm; (3) cancel the alarm, and go on a security run myself. I choose to save the university money and risk my safety with a security run. I cancel the police call.

10:52 PM — I have my shoes on, my walking stick beside me in the front seat of the car, and I am driving rapidly toward the school on empty streets.

11:18 PM — I have entered the building. I have only my walking stick and the Lord with me. Upon opening the door I hear the alarm. I begin a walk through to test doors that may be locked. Satisfied that the doors are locked I reset the alarm for the night.

10:16 AM on Friday, April 26 — I am asking myself a question. Would the VP approve of a requisition for me to buy a box of 12 gauge shotgun shells for the school? I can hear him reply, “Naw, you can’t buy any [blank, blank, blank] shotgun shells. What’s the matter with you?”

Guess I will have to stick with my walking stick and the Lord for security for now.


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