Recalling a Disciple — Acts 15:36-40 — John Mark

Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem's depiction of Paul...

Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem’s depiction of Paul and Barnabas at Lystra, an incident which has often been compared to the Qur’anic narrative of the “Companions of the City” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recalling a DiscipleActs 15:36-40 – John Mark


R – O – U – S – E


See also: Acts 13:13; 2 Tim. 4:11; 2 Cor. 5:17; 7:8-10; Prov. 25:19


Return – John mark had returned to Jerusalem


Offense – In the thinking of Paul John had deserted the missionaries.  He was blackballed.


Unpartial – It was good ole’ Barnabas who willingly took in Mark.  Saul could not see that he had been taken in by Barnabas, but later he would understand.


Selection – Due to the disagreement there were to be two teams.  Barnabas just would not let Mark go.


Endurance—Mark proved his loyalty the second time around.  Eventually Paul came to trust him once again.  God showed that He believed in the young man also.


Exemplary Story:  When my car had nearly 100,000 on the odometer it was time to trade.  Within a month of the trade my old car was recalled.  I thought I had done well to trade before the trouble increased.  It wasn’t long until I received a second notice.  The new car was recalled for the same problem.  In to the shop I went.  The technician said it could be a short fix or a lengthy process.  Later that day when I got my car back I was grateful that the car passed the recall process.  Mark passed his recall process.  Have you done the same?


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