Studies in the Prophets — Joel — Joel 2:28-32


Locust (Photo credit: [nivs])

Studies in the Prophets – Joel – Joel 2:28-32

S – W – A- R – M

See also: Mark 2:17; 2 Cor. 7:10; Judges 2:18-19; Exodus 8:20-21; Ps. 48:2-3

Separation – It was sin that separated Israel from her maker.

Warning – God promised a plague of locust as a warning and a judgment. (1:4-7) What plagues have come into your life to warn you to return to God?

Armies – First Persia, then Babylon, and finally Media would rule Israel and Judah.  These were the conquering forces that would lead the people of God to captivity.

Remnant’s repentance – A few would repent, and a few would be spared.  How often it is the minority that is willing to follow God that is spared and blessed.

Mount Zion – The prophet sees a time of return and restoration.  They will come back to Mount Zion.  Why was Zion so special?  It was the dwelling place of the tabernacle and the arc of the covenant.  Have you found a Mount Zion?

Exemplary story:  This is the year of Brood II.  If you missed it, do not despair.  There is a live web cam set up to let you see these cicadas emerging.


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