Prophetic Voices — Micah — Micah 7:14-20

The Father of many Nations

The Father of many Nations (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Prophetic Voices – Micah – Micah 7:14-20

M – I – C – A – H

See also: Ps. 37:4-5, 103:12; Matt. 10:15; Rms. 3:23; Gen 12:3; Micah 5:2

Miracles – v. 15 – When we look in the history of Israel, we find they were a people born of miracles.  Perhaps we are borne of miracles too.

Iniquity – v. 18-19 – In spite of the goodness of God the people of Israel slid into iniquity.  How easily we stray from God.

Calamity – v. 18 – Their unfaithfulness and their idolatry deserved punishment, and calamity came upon them.  The nations threatened to carry away the people of Israel.  God can become angry.  He was angered by the unfaithfulness of Israel.

Abrahamic Covenant – v. 20 – Before God brought Israel out of Egypt, and long before Israel strayed into idolatry God had made a promise.  God promised to bless the people of the world through Abraham and his seed.  This was a reference to the promised messiah, Jesus.

Haven – v 18 – Even if God must punish the wrongdoers for their sin, that is not how God would be remembered.  God chooses love over anger.  God delights in unchanging love.

Exemplary story:  Charles Dickens’ novel, Bleak House, tells the story of a family preoccupied with the execution of a will.  The joy of the young heirs is short-lived, when they discovered the estate has been consumed in debt.  God’s will secures an inheritance that is never too late nor overburdened with debt.


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