Studies in Ephesians — Ephesians 1:3-14

Studies in Ephesians – Ephesians 1:3-14

P — L — A — N

the Stainned Gless of depicting the Holy Spirit.

the Stainned Gless of depicting the Holy Spirit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See also: John 14:2; Rms. 5:17, 16:25; Col 1:26; 2 Cor. 5:5; I Cor. 6:19

Preordained Provision – vs. 4-5, 11.  Some folk get squeamish at the thought of  a preordained plan for their future.  Why?  God cared enough to plan ahead for our future.  The opposite of a plan is no plan.

Liberality – vs. 3, 8.  – The plan for our future is a liberal plan. It is a plan to cover every condition for our redemption.  It is a plan to provide in the church every gift for its growth and maturation.  Ever check the exemption list on an insurance policy?  God’s insurance for our salvation is not filled with exemptions.  God is too generous.

Activity – vs. 7, 9-11. – You have a plan, and you work your plan.  God worked God’s plan of salvation when he gave his son Jesus.  See John 3:16.  God continued to work his plan when he equipped the church to be the vessel of salvation.

This is a mystery that is revealed.  A wartime patron at a bookstore refused to buy a book until she could determine if the story had a happy ending. This mystery does have a happy ending when we are reunited with God.

Nurture – vs. 13-14 – Part of God’s plan is that we be nurtured and grow in Christ.  For that purpose God has sent the Holy Spirit into our lives. The International Bible lesson for the past Sunday looked at Genesis 3:7-18 and “the fall.”  Something was lost when humanity sinned.  What was missing since the beginning of human history has been restored in the lives of believers, and that is the presence of God in the Holy Spirit.

Exemplary Story:  A few miles up the road is an unusual house call Kerner’s Folly. It is a hodgepodge of architecture. The builder placed together this and that design, and he created a house that is considered by many to be a curiosity and by others a laughingstock.  By comparison the designers of the Biltmore house demonstrated great taste in their execution of a magnificent architectural design.  God’s design for our present and future is a design beyond human capability.  It is a design for an eternal home with God.


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