Meditation on a Gold Credit Card Offer

No Credit Card

No Credit Card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meditation on a Gold Credit Card Offer

I received by general delivery an offer for a credit card.  The company had taken the first step.  All I had to do was activate the card by calling the toll free number.  I have about all the credit I can tolerate, and I was tempted to discard the offer.

Instead I decided to review the offer. It was a gold card.  The company promised good terms and a generous credit limit.  The card was honored at most merchants.  Service was offered 24/7.

The gold card offer looked good, and I could have a reasonable line of credit.  Still I wanted to read the fine print.

I began looking for “the catch.” The card would be canceled if I did not use it. (Duh.)  I could transfer balances.  (Okay.) I would be given additional credit only if I used my limit, and I could call the toll free number for that too.   I could pay the balance at any time.

I had to reread the line about the interest payments.  I thought it was a mistake.  I knew interest these days was low, but this was unbelievable.  The company would carry the interest providing that the card holder agreed to abide by the terms and remain in good standing with the company.

Credit.  I began to think that this generous line of credit could easily be abused.  Even if the interest was covered there was the issue of the balance.   Folk do easily get caught up in the purchase of “worthless” items, and have a huge balance.  Even if the interest was covered there was the issue of the balance.  Would I be a victim of the system? Again, I felt the urge to chuck the offer.

The last paragraph gave me some startling information.  The toll free number for checking balances could be used to talk to a live operator who would counsel the card holder about the wise use of credit and how to return unwanted and unused items.  This was too good to be true I thought, but there it was in black-and-white.  I knew the company by name, but this policy gave me a sense of newfound confidence.  It was an offer too good to refuse even if it sounded like something out-of-this-world.

I had wasted enough time.  Do it or don’t. I decided for better or worse I would give it a spin.  What was the worst thing that could happen?

I dialed the toll free number as I peeled off the security sticker: 1-888-GENESIS.  The operator said my card would be active as soon as I flipped it over and read the security code.  It read 156.

Then I heard the operator say, “Congratulations, you card is now active.  We hope you enjoy your new line of credit.”


Genesis 15:6: “Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness.”




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