Studies in Ephesians — Ephesians 1:15-23

Français : Bible exposée dans l'église du vill...

Français : Bible exposée dans l’église du village de Kumanovo près de Varna (Bulgarie) Esperanto: Cirila biblio montrita en la preĝejo de la vilaĝo Kumanovo proksime de Varna en Bulgario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Studies in Ephesians – Ephesians 1:15-23


G – R – A – N – T


See: Phil 2:10; Acts 4:12; Rms. 1:8; Is:9: 6; Acts 19:24-26; 2 Chron. 7:15


Giving Thanks — v. 16 — This is a tremendous way to start a prayer.  Thank God for bringing someone into your life.  A teacher, Bob Martin, wisely told his students that if they were not willing to pray for the welfare of the lost, they should not expect to win the lost.  Paul believed that too.


Revelation – v. 17 – Paul is praying for a revelation for the people of God.  This is no horoscope forecast.  He prays that the spirit of wisdom of God’s works will be revealed to the people.


Accordance – v. 19 – The revelation and all the blessings are to be delivered not according to our worthiness but according to the power of His strength.


Name Above – v. 21 – Ephesus was filled with the gods of the world.  Our cities are no different today.  The gods had names and ranks that were respected in worldly circles.  There is a name above the name of all such gods – the name of Jesus, Son of God.


Triumph – v. 22-23 — All shall be subjected to this one.  In prayer we can be subjected to him now.


Exemplary Story:  It sounds like such an odd prayer request.  I recollect one individual who said, “Don’t pray for me.”  Was it fear or foolishness that drove the person to make such a request? I suppose it was both. Certainly they did not believe they could be in agreement in prayer.   If the person only knew that the blessings of God come to those who agree in prayer, perhaps they would have changed their request.


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