Prayer Vigil — Part 3

For the 36 hour prayer vigil some questions from volunteers may need to be addressed.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the [Your Church] 36 Hour Prayer Vigil

FAQ: I signed up for the prayer vigil. Do I have to come to church?
Answer (A): No, you can pray at your home. Just be sure to honor the time you signed to cover.

FAQ: I signed up, and now I am worried that I won’t be able to pray for an hour. What do I do?
A: You do not have to use the entire time to pray per se. You can read the Bible also. Do focus upon [Your Church].

FAQ: I discovered I signed up for the wrong time? Can I change?
A: Yes, if you contact the preacher or one of the volunteers to get a time swap. Please do so as soon as possible so we are sure the time slot is covered.

FAQ: I did not sign up. Can I still participate?
A: Yes. You can call to see if there is a time available. Otherwise find an hour you can devote to prayer for the church and be in prayer for [Your Church].

FAQ: I don’t believe I know how to pray for a whole hour. I am not sure what I should pray. Is this just a general prayer time?
A: This is a time to focus on [Your Church]. If you do personal devotions anyway that is great, but try to focus on [Your Church] during this hour.

FAQ: I did sign up, but I don’t have any idea about what we are to pray. I listened to the preacher and read the information, but I need guidance. Can you tell me what to pray, who to pray for, or give me some suggestions?
A: Great question. There are lots of thing you can pray about and lots of ways you can pray during the prayer vigil for [Your Church]. Here are a few suggestions:
• Use the 36 prayers guide to pray one of the Biblical prayers for [Your Church] or all of the 36 prayers for [Your Church]
• Grab a church bulletin or e-newsletter and pray for everyone on the prayer list
• If you are online and adventuresome, find a prayer blog or webpage with prayers for churches and use or repeat some of those prayers.
• Use your latest church directory to pray for individuals who attend [Your Church]
• Pray for 7 key areas for the church : (1) [Your Church] missions; (2) [Your Church] ministry teams and outreach ministry; (3) [Your Church] leaders; (4) [Your Church] ministers and staff; (5) [Your Church] visitors; (6) [Your Church]s future; (7) [Your Church] and the lost of the community


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