Studies in the Gospel of Mark — Mark 4:1-20

Sower & Reaper

Studies in Mark – Mark 4:1-20

See also: Heb. 4:12; 2 Tim. 3:16; Psalm 119:103-104; I Peter 5:8; Matt. 13:25; John 15:5

Note: The parable of the sower is one of the most well-known parables of Jesus. I find it has a disturbing message. Only one in four of the soils bears fruit. If only more could respond to the word and find its blessings.

S – O – W – E – R

Sower and seed – vs. 5, 14 — When Jesus explains the parable it is the seed of the Word of God that is sown. How precious are the scriptures.

Ogre – vs. 4, 15 – I admire those churches where my brothers and sisters stand for the reading of scripture. In the parable the word is snatched away by the enemy. I sometimes ask myself how much of the word we allow to be snatched away by our inattentiveness.

Wayside and wasteland – vs. 7, 18,19 Too many are too busy and too committed to other things to allow the word to grow in their lives. Worries and concerns of the world can choke out the word of God. Don’t let it happen to you.

Embryonic – v. 5-6, 16-17 – When I read of the seed that fell upon stony ground I imagine how the seed germinated, was exposed to the hot sun, and died. Then I am disturbed by the thought of a young man. He came to church, got excited about the Gospel for the first time, confessed Jesus and was baptized. The seed germinated, but what happened next? He returned home to tell his family about his decision. That was the last time he was in church. May God have mercy on his soul.

Reward – vs. 8, 20 – The word brings life. The word bears fruit. Our hearts must be the ground that is ploughed and ready, and we will bear fruit for the Father.

Exemplary Story: For my gardening in North Carolina the summer of 2013 was one of the worst seasons. In mid-summer it rained for twenty days in a row. Before the season began I bought a twenty cent packet of seed. To my surprise all the seed I planted sprouted. I lost one seedling during the transplanting. The other plants grew in spite of the rain, and by September I was eating tomatoes almost every day. Good seed bears good fruit.


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