Communion Meditation — Luke 22:15

Communion Meditation – Luke 22:15 – Jesus Kept the Passover
A conversation with a student left me with a question. What phrase best describes how you feel about communion: (a) been there, done that; (b) here we go again, and again; or (c) wouldn’t want to miss it?
I then thought of Jesus’ attending the Passover. I suppose someone could say Passover was celebrated just once a year, but I wanted to know how Passover fit into Jesus’ life. Luke tells us his family went to Passover faithfully. John tells us an adult Jesus celebrated the Passover every year of his earthly ministry. In the final year of his ministry before Jesus was crucified he celebrated the Passover again. Luke 22:15 reports, “And [Jesus] said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat the Passover with you before I suffer.”
I wondered how often through the preceding years Jesus had thought about the betrayal and crucifixion that was to follow. I wondered if the bread and the cup did not remind him again and again of the sacrifice he would make on Calvary.
I suppose I know the right phrase to describe Jesus’ feelings about taking communion once again. He wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.


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