Studies in Mark: Mark 5:1-20


Studies in Mark — Mark 5:1-20

T – O – M- B – S

See also: Mark 1:34, 3:15; I John 4:4; Phil 2:9-10; Acts 19:15-16; 2 Cor. 5:8

Terror — vs. 2-3 — When Jesus crossed the sea he came to port terrorized by a demon possed man.  The man was a terror to himself and others.  Today his self-abuse would be seen as affects of multiple-personality disorder.

Obstinancy — vs. 6-7 — This was a rebellious spirit.  No wonder Jesus did not want its endorsement.  Jesus silenced spirits like this.

Moniker — v. 9 — The man claimed to be “Legion.”  He was in fact no-one.  He had no identity.  This was an affect of multi-personality disorder.  He lacked the order of singularity in his life.  How many today lack the order of singularity?  How many need the order of a savior?  A new song that I have enjoyed is titled “Break Every Chain.”  In the song there is a wonderful refrain: “There is power in the name of Jesus.”

Bedlam — v. 13 — When the spirits were cast out bedlam resulted.  The swine that were possessed threw themselves into the sea.  They couldn’t handle the spirits.  The citizens of the area were concerned about their loss.  They lost the unclean herd of swine. Then they lost their hope of redemption when they rejected Jesus.

Saint with a story — v. 18-20 — The man was saved by the command of Jesus.  He wanted to flee from his world.  Often new converts want to flee to heaven.  Jesus had a mission for this redeemed soul, and he has a mission for those who would find him.  Tell others the story.

Exemplary Story:  Most folk who undergo a life transformation are reluctant to go back to their home.  A teacher named Troy Hasty had another idea.  He said his dream was to return to his hometown as a minister.  He believed that he could not only tell but also show his hometown the blessing he had discovered in following Christ.  Jesus directed the man of Gadara returned to his hometown.


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