Studies in Mark — Mark 6: 30-43

Studies in Mark – Mark 6:30-43

A – R – D – O – R

See also: Luke 7:30; Exodus 16:16-18; I Kings 17: 13-14; I John 4:7-9

Arrival – v. 32 – Jesus has been seeking time for himself in prayer and time with his disciples. When he does arrive at a spot where he intends to have that quiet time, he is greeted by the multitude.

Responsiveness – v. 33 – Jesus does not turn away those who hunger for a word of instruction. With loving patience he teaches the multitude through the day.

Desolation around the disciples – v. 35 – It is late, and the disciples are charged with the task of feeding the disciples. They are Jesus’ disciples, they are in the presence of the giver of life. Yet, they are blind. In their eyes there is desolation. They must learn that Jesus is the source of all. Their faith must increase.

Offering – v. 38-41 – Jesus receives an offering, and from that offering he provides all that is needed. Oh that we would give to Jesus what we can and should and let him work with it a miracle. The hungry are fed. No one goes without.

Remainder – v 42-43 – The disciples are instructed not to waste the food that is now available. They will need it for the journey. In Moses’ day instructions were given to the people to collect the manna. God wants us to collect our blessings, and God gives in abundance.

Exemplary story: The author, Robert Fulgum, writes about his joy in eating leftovers. I am not sure I could enjoy his late night snack of meatloaf, potatoes, and pie thrown into one dish. The man does enjoy his leftovers. Jesus disciples were able to dine on leftovers for some days I suppose. Every leftover for them was a lesson in faith and God’s abundant love.

fish and bread

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