Studies in Mark — Mark 8:27-30

Studies in Mark – Mark 8:27-30

S – P – E – A – K

See also: Mk 6:14, 15; Rms. 10:9-10; Matt. 3:2, 12:26-28, 17:12; I John 4. 15; I Tim 6:13

Speculation – v. 27 – Many were already speculating about Jesus’s identity. Now he needed to test his disciples to determine if they were committed to him.

Proposals – v. 28 – The public had some ideas about Jesus’ identity. They believed he could be the prophet, Elijah, or John the baptizer. Those were good guesses, but they fell short of recognizing the full mission and office of Jesus.

Elimination – v. 29 – Josh McDowell is said to have asked this question, “Was Jesus a lunatic, a liar, or Lord?” If Jesus was not Elijah, nor John, who was he?

Affirmation – v. 29 – Peter is the first to speak the truth about Jesus office and mission. Peter said, “Thou art the Christ.” Yes, he was anointed as prophet, but he was also anointed a priest and king. He is Messiah, Christ, Son of God.

Kingdom Come – v. 30 – Now Jesus must begin to teach the disciples the meaning of their confession. If the Lord is with you, the Kingdom of God had come. We must live under the rule of the Lord, King Jesus.

Exemplary story: In relationships there is often a critical turning point. I remember when I was dating my late wife. When we met she had one boyfriend on campus and another back home. Then came the day when I was to be introduced to her family. Not long after I learned that she had said to her parents, “This is the one.” A casual relationship became serious. In our text Peter’s confession marked a transition from a casual relationship to a serious commitment.

peter's confession


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