Studies in Mark — Mark 9: 1-13

Studies in Mark – Mark 9:1-13

S – H – I – N – E

See also: Exodus 34:29, 40:38; Psalm 104:2; I Tim 6:16; I John 1:5; Isaiah 1:18; Psalm 48:1, 2; Malachi 4:5; Matt. 11:14

(Note: Commentators point out that Jesus was in prayer with the law giver and the law restorer on the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus fulfilled the law with his perfect sacrifice.)

Six days – v. 2 – It was six days later when Jesus was transformed. What a week. First, Peter confesses Jesus as Messiah. Now a miracle occurs. On this day there is rest with the Father.

High mountain – v.2 – Jesus took his beloved disciples – Peter, James , John — into a high mountain. Ever notice how God spoke to humanity in Jerusalem, Sinai, Carmel, and Nebo? We need to find those spots that will elevate body and spirit to focus on God.

Iridescence – v. 3– Jesus clothes were whiter than any laundry could make them. He was glowing in the presence of the Father. Take a moment and listen to the accounts of persons who have had near-death experiences. When they are greeted, it is by an angle of light.

Nobility – v. 7 – Perhaps the disciples were confused. Peter’s speech was that of a nervous man who had to say something, anything. His compliment is no compliment. He would put Jesus on the level of the prophets. God affirms Jesus as his Son. His rank is above all prophets and kings. We are to hear Jesus’ first.

Elijah question – vs. 11-12 – What happened to Elijah? The rabbis had taught that Elijah was to come first. Jesus said he did. John the baptizer came in the spirit of Elijah. He was a restorer of the law who prepared the way for the coming King.

Exemplary story: While students were preparing for their mid-term exams, they were sent a review sheet. The review sheet had more answers than the students would need. Those students who knew the right answer would not be distracted by the additional terms. On the mount of transfiguration God had the one answer about Jesus that fit. Jesus was the Son of God. We must hear him first and foremost.

DUCCIO di Buoninsegna Transfiguration, 1308-11


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