Studies in Mark – Mark 10: 13-16

Studies in Mark – Mark 10:13-16

C – H – I – L – D

See also: Matt 5:44-45; 11:28-30; Mk 9:38-39; John 6:37; Is. 11:6; I Peter 1:14

Chiding – v. 13 – Jesus disciples undertook the job of protecting him. “Go away,” they told the children. They rebuffed the parents.
Hubris – v. 13 – An acquaintance will speak of “my God.” She speaks with great emphasis and pride. Jesus model prayer begins with this invocation: “Our Father, . . . “

Invitation – v. 14 – Jesus wanted to make it perfectly clear. He welcomed the children. He welcome all who will come to him.

Likeness – v 15 – Jesus reminds disciples and parents that we must become like a child. We are not to become childish. We are to become trusting.

Dedication – v. 16 – What would it be like to go through every experience with the blessing of Christ? They were blessed at graduation, blessed at the marriage altar, blessed at the times of hardship, and blessed in old age. These children would live with the blessing of Christ upon them. We can too.

Exemplary story: Ever find a child who is seeking their parent. You may be called upon to give direction. From the moment you take their small hand you know they are trusting you completely. We should trust Christ to lead us as his children.

P 3 Marazion


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