Studies in Mark — Mark 11:12-14, 20-25

Studies in Mark – Mark 11: 12-14, 20-25

C – U – R – S – E

See also: Matt. 6:14; John 15:1-2; Hebrews 11:6; I Kings 17:1

Checking – v. 13 – Jesus was checking for figs. The tree appeared to be fruitful, but it was not giving fruit at this time of the year. What if Jesus were to check for our fruit?

Umbrage – vs. 12, 14 – There is a lesson to be learned in this curse. If the disciples were too preoccupied, they would learn a different way.

Registration – v. 21 – Look. The fig tree is withered. Peter saw and did not see. This is a lesson that must sink within.

Sermon – v. 22 – Jesus spoke it, and it came to pass. The sermon was simple. “Have faith.” We may be like the disciples who were caught up in the religious festival. They needed faith.

Expectancy – v. 23 – We must pray, and we must act upon our belief. Jesus’ promise is that if we pray in his name, then the prayer will be honored.

Exemplary story: One year I planted a fig bush. I gave it the attention it needed, but it withered and died. Later I learned that my fig would not have borne fruit. It takes two fig bushes to cross-pollinate. Perhaps we needs some spiritual cross-pollination to insure that we are fruitful. The fig Jesus found had the appearance of being fruitful, but it was a disappointment to Jesus. Let us not disappoint him.
P 3 Marazion


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