Studies in Mark — Mark 13: 41-44

Studies in Mark — Mark 13: 41-44

L – E – P – T – A

(Note: the small coins the widow gave to the temple were “lepta,” and that means they were slight.)

See also: John 2: 14-25, 12:7-8; I Kings 17:13; Deut 26:2; Matt. 6:1-2; 23:23

Loitering – v. 41- Jesus was crowd watching. Watching people can be very entertaining. I wonder how often I entertain the master.

Extravagances v. 41 – Some made a show of their philanthropy. They had the praise of others as their reward.

Poverty – v. 43 – Jesus knew the worth of the woman with the two coins. For her these coins represented her wealth.

Tallies – v. 44 – I was visiting a church where an old deacon made an appeal to the members for their tithes. Jesus knows exactly how much or how little we give. He knows when it costs us dearly, and he knows when it costs us little. He is the one who does the tally.

Admiration for adoration – v.44 – What Jesus admired was the woman’s values. She valued the work of God. She worshiped with her gift.

Exemplary story: Students have grown tired of my change-making methods. They want change for a dollar. When I reach for my “brownies,” they wrinkle their nose. They go in search of someone who will give them a fair exchange. They know their dollar’s worth. Jesus knows the worth of every gift we offer him.

P 3 Marazion


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