Studies in Mark — Mark 14:12-16, 22-28

Studies in Mark – Mark 14:12-16, 22-28

L – A – M – B

See also: Mark 8:30, 11:18; Exodus 12:6-7; Luke 22:15; Isaiah 53:7; Acts 2:42

Liaison – v. 14 – There is a sign from a spy novel. A man will carry a pitcher of water. Follow him.

Arrangements – v. 16 – There was to be a ritual killing of a lamb. The meal was to be made ready.

Meal – vs. 22-24 – Our Lord’s Supper began as a meal within a meal.

Boding promise – v. 25 – Jesus promises not to eat this meal again until the kingdom comes. Why? Jesus knows he must go to Calvary.

Exemplary story: I had given my father a belt as a Christmas present. He wore it and laid it aside. He said he was saving it for his burial. Jesus was saving this last supper for his disciples. He gave them a memorial for generations to come.
P 3 Marazion


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