Communion Meditation — Luke 24:28-31 — Table Mannerisms

Communion Meditation – Luke 24:28-32 – Table Mannerisms

Read Luke 24:28-32

After the fact it dawns on the two disciples that they had been walking with Jesus. Luke 24:31 says, “And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.” We might say, “You were walking with Jesus, and you did not know it was him? Duh.”

In fairness to the disciples we do know that after a temporary separation there is often the need to be reacquainted. Military personnel who are separated during a tour of duty understand that husbands and wives have to relearn the ways and manners of their spouses.

How do you become reacquainted with someone? You rely upon mannerisms, that is, familiar gestures. My students may be working in the computer lab, and they may greet me before I walk to their station. They say they know the sound of my footfall.

Jesus disciples knew it was him by the way he broke the bread and prayed. As we come to the Lord’s table, do we know his mannerisms? Do we know him well enough to know he is today offering to us the bread and cup that symbolize his sacrifice for us?



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