Studies in Mark — Mark 16: 1-8 (and 9-15)

Studies in Mark — Mark 16:1-8 (and 9-15)

R – I – S – E – N

Note: In many editions of the New Testament the Gospel of Mark concludes with Mark 16:8. The additional verses that appear in some early manuscripts confirm the testimony in the earlier part of the chapter.)

See also: John 3:17; John 11:25-26; I Cor. 15:12-154; Acts 2:31-23; Hosea 6:2; John 20:29

Resurrection – v. 4 – The women were prepared to encounter a great obstacle. The stone was removed to allow others to look in. The man in the tomb said it. “He is risen.”

Investigation – v. 5 – The women and later the disciples were acting on sound reasoning. Where is he? If the tomb is empty, then someone took the body or something unthinkable happened. What was it?

Savior – v. 6 ( and vs. 9-11) – He appears to the women, and he appears to the disciples. He is saved from death, and Jesus can save others.

Everlasting life – v. 6 ( and v. 14) – He has the power of live, and He chooses to share that life with us.

News – v. 7 (and v. 15) – Go on and tell it. A man, a prophet, a Son of God has been raised to life. He has conquered death. He is alive, and this is good news.

Exemplary story: As a child I was fascinated by all thing living on the farm. I was fascinated by the chickens and cows, and I was fascinated by the birds, bugs, and critters. One Fall I collected an unusual growth on a tiny branch, and I brought it into the dining room. It looked a bit like a glob of chewing gum. In the dining room near the warm wood stove a miracle happened one afternoon. The deformed branch was transformed. It was a single egg case from a female praying mantis. Hundreds of tiny mantis began to crawl over the green wall of my mother’s dining room. My mother insisted that I take responsibility and remove every last “bug” from the mint green walls. I had learned a valuable lesson. From one life came the life of a multitude. Spiritually this is true today. From Jesus’ sacrifice of his one life comes a multitude of those whom he shall save. Praise God.



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