The Day My Round-tuit Hatched

The day my Round-tuit Hatched

From youth I have been on the wait list for a round-tuit. Where I lived many adults had formed a wait list for a round –tuit. In fact, the preacher devoted a column in the weekly church newsletter to offer to give his members their round-tuit. I don’t think they took him up on the offer. I know I did not, since I lived in the country.

In the Fall I found myself on the wait list for another round-tuit. I had collected some tarragon for drying, and I placed the herb in a lawn chair outside the back door. The winter weather did its work, and the herb dried before Christmas. I left the herb alone in the chair, and I promised that I would grind the dried herb later, that is, when I got a round-tuit.

Winter lingered long this year, and Spring came late. One day as I passed the tarragon I saw some activity. Why would a bird be buzzing about the back door?
I decided to investigate later, and I went on my way.

Later I still did not get a round-tuit, but I did remember to check out the tarragon. Since the new tarragon had begun to grow, I might not need the old dried tarragon.

Oh no. A bird, a wren. What was the wren doing?
Oh no, oh, oh.
Let me look.
Well, I’ll be.
She built a nest.
Something has to be done.
Let me look.
Oh no, too late.

One, two, three, four. Four speckled eggs lay in the nest.
Now I would have to wait.

Then, about April 30, 2014, a miracle happened.

My round-tuit hatched.

Proverbs 27:23 says, “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds.”



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