Studies in Mark — Mark 16:19-20


Studies in Mark – Mark 16:19-20


See also: Luke 24:50-51; Acts 1;9-11, 5:32; John 13:34; 2 Kings 2:11-12; Matt. 28:10, 16; John 20:17


(Note: The extended close of the Gospel of Mark is omitted from a number of ancient manuscripts.  The textual tradition that Jesus ascended does coincide with the closing verses of Luke’s Gospel.)


L – I – F – T


Leave Taking – v. 19 – Jesus had warned the disciples that he must go away.  Now he says his farewells before he leaves them.


Instructions – vs. 15, 16 – The disciples are given a mission.  They are to carry the message of Jesus to all people.


Fellowship – vs. 14 – In the upper room Jesus had given a command.  The disciples were to love one another.  This would be in force while he was away.  As parents tell children Jesus tells his disciples, “While I am away, don’t fight.”  Now Jesus also addresses their unbelief.


Testimony of trustees – vs. 17, 18 – Through signs and wonders the disciples confirmed a great truth.  They had been with Jesus.  They were witnesses to his resurrection.  Whether we believe that these gifts were for the twelve or not, we are still trustees of this great truth.  Jesus died, was buried, and has risen to live forevermore.


Exemplary story:  A local historian of the Black community, Glenn Chavis, reports that he made an interesting discovery.   He found on the city record a block of houses situated to the rear of two prominent buildings.  The houses had odd numbers like 325 1/2. The houses and the occupants are gone, but they represent persons who paid taxes and contributed to the community. While others may have forgotten, the historian remembered. Others may forget Jesus who ascended into heaven, but we must not.



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