Studies in Ezekiel — Ezekiel 18:1-4, 30-32

Studies in Ezekiel – Ezekiel 18:1-4, 30-32

S- O – U – R

See also: John 5:14; 9:2; Psalm 32:1; Rms. 6:23; Ex. 20:5; Amos 5:24

Second-hand suffering – v. 2 – Israel experienced its share of second-hand suffering. Who has not? For many it became a crutch. They pitied themselves and used that as an excuse to misbehave.

Opportunity – v. 3 – God promised through the prophet to give an opportunity to all. No longer could the children excuse themselves as victims. God expected people to take responsibility for their actions.

Umpire – vs. 3, 23, 29 – For better or worse Israel was advised that they could stop allowing others to judge their actions. God would be the ultimate judge.

Righteousness – vs. 20, 30 – God would not place us in a “beauty pageant.” God would judge righteously. Israel was given the opportunity to repent, and we are likewise given that opportunity.

Exemplary story: Barry loved hot cinnamon disks, and he loved to share his hot cinnamon disks. He wanted to see how long someone would hold a hot candy in their mouth. Unlike Barry God is not offering us a hot-and-sour life as a joke.



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