Studies in Ezekiel — Ezekiel 38-39

Studies in Ezekiel — Ezekiel 38:17-39:8

G – O – G

See also: Gen. 10:2; Matt. 24:7-8; Rev. 13:7, 20:7-10; Dan. 9:26; 2 Cor. 10:13

Here the prophet has an end-time vision. If talk of the end-time creates an anxiety in you, read the prophet’s words.

Gathering – v. 38:7 – It has long been prophesied that there would be a gathering of the military forces in the plain of ‘Armageddon. This comes about through an alliance of the forces of the north. At least one of the primary forces identified by the prophet is the modern state of Russia. Do you see a gathering of the world military forces in the Promised Land today?

Offensive War – vs. 38:9, 16 – Have you been disturbed by war crimes against the innocent. This is nothing new. The prophet predicted that the innocent would suffer during these times.

God over all – vs. 38:19, 22-23; 39:6 – Even in times of war and tribulation there is something to reassure the faint of heart. God is over all. God has never abandoned God’s throne. In the text God sends an earthquake. This is a message. God is saying that the military and criminal forces may resort to violence and the innocent may suffer in their wake, but even these powerful forces do not have final authority over nature or life. God alone has the final authority.

Exemplary story: Now Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, is assigned reading in some high schools. In the novel the author predicts that there will be a day when drones fight wars as people look on. We are living in that day of destruction. Nonetheless, God has not given up God’s control of the world or of our future.



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