Studies in Ezekiel

Studies in Ezekiel – Ezekiel 47:1-12, 48:30

See also: Rev. 22:1-2, 14; John 4:13-14; Gen. 3;2; Ps. 47:7-8; 103:19; Phil. 2:9; Acts 2:35

Ezekiel has the last word.

T – R – E – E

Trees – v. 7, 11 – For a cleaner world plant a tree. Ezekiel found trees thriving by the stream. Let’s see where the stream leads as we walk backwards from the trees.

Healing Leaves – v. 12 – I first saw a Gingko tree when I visited California. I soon learned that its leaves are a natural remedy for dementia and arterial damage. The prophet sees trees that are for the healing of the nations.

Emulsion of waters – v. 8 – Under normal circumstances salt water cures fresh water. Here the fresh water purifies the salt water. It is a healing mineral water that gave life to the medicinal trees along the river’s edge. From where does the water come?

River – v. 5 – Follow the water. The prophet had come by way of the life-giving water. He passed through a river. Retrace his steps. Before he was immersed in the water he walked in water waist deep. Before he was in water waist deep he walked in water ankle-deep. It is a stream; it is flow from under the walls of the temple. What is its source?

Everlasting God – v. 12; 48;35 – The waters of life come from under the throne of the giver of life, the everlasting God. God is the source of the waters that make things good and nourish the healing trees. In the old language the last word in Ezekiel says it all: The Lord is there.

Exemplary story: As a child I delighted in playing with willow sticks. I would whittle and carve the sticks to carry on my walks into the weedy patch just beyond the chicken house. Some I placed alongside the fence late in the summer before I went back to school. In Spring I heard my father. “Do you see what you have done?” I knew I was in trouble. He took to the fence to show me my “work.” There alongside the fence was a new row of trees. The willow sticks had found water and sprouted. They were alive. In Ezekiel’s vision a row of trees reminded him of life-giving waters flowing from God’s throne.



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