Communion Meditation — God is a Covenant Keeper

Communion Meditation – God is a Covenant Keeper

Once upon a time when I was a youth I had to learn a new word.

As the only sibling still in the home it was a treat for me to go to school and meet with my playmates on the playground. One of my best playmates was Mel. I delighted in playing with Mel during recess. One day that changed when Mel’s new friend was on the playground. Mel and Thomas did not have time for this little playmate.
After school I told my mother about the incident, and I asked why Mel would not play with me that day. My mother taught the little second grader a new word, the word fickle. Mother said Mel was fickle.

What does that have to do with communion? Communion is a covenant, and covenants are based on faithfulness. When Christ joins us as host of the Lord’s Supper he is being faithful time after time and week after week. I am so glad he is faithful and not fickle. As we prepare to join in communion listen to these reminders from scripture of the faithfulness of the Lord.

Psalm 105:8 He Hath remembered his covenant forever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations.

Ezekiel 16:60 I [God] will remember my covenant with thee in the days of thy youth, and I will establish unto thee an everlasting covenant.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, Son of God, we are so grateful that we can count on you. Bless this Holy Communion today.

Primera comunión - First Holy Communion


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