Week Twelve — Verse by Verse Devotional Series — Sayings of Jesus in John — John 19:30

Sunday, March 20

John 19:29, 30 A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus’ lips.  When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, thanks be to God that you gave your life for us.

Thought for the day:  Procrastination cannot give birth to achievement.

Monday, March 21

Matthew 5: 17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”

Prayer:  Jesus, thank you for fulfilling the prophesies of old.

Thought for the day:  For better or worse our self-talk can become self-fulfilling prophesies.


Tuesday, March 22

Matthew 16:21 From that time on Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers for the law, and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.

Prayer:  God, our Heavenly Father, you planned to pay the ransom for our salvation.

Thought for the day: Why were the Jewish elders and chief priests so knowledgeable of the law and so foolish?

Wednesday, March 23

Romans 8:3,4 For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, god did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering.  And so he condemned sin in sinful man, in order that the righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit.

Prayer:  Jesus, we are humbled to think that you are our sin offering.

Thought for the day:  The best status for some charge accounts is “closed.”

Thursday, March 24

Hebrews 9:11,12 When Christ came as high priest of the good things that are already here, he went through the greater and more perfect tabernacle that is not man-made, that is to say, not party of this creation.  He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most Holy place once for all by his own blood, having obtained eternal redemption.

Prayer:  Jesus, you died upon a tree, and I know it was the blood for me.

Thought for the day: The arc of the covenant was transferred from Moses’ tabernacle to Solomon’s temple; but where did the tabernacle go?

Friday, March 25

John 12:32 “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”

Prayer:  Jesus, when we raise our eyes to the cross, we fall to our knees in  humble prayer.

Thought for the day:  A hymn writer said, “I love that old cross where the dearest and best for a world of lost sinners was slain. ”

Saturday, March 26

John 19:41, 42 At the place where Jesus was crucified, there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb, in which no one had ever been laid.  Because it was the Jewish day of Preparation and since the tomb was nearby they laid Jesus there.

Prayer:  Jesus, to save our souls you gave you laid down your life.

Thought for the day: Can you imagine what sermon Jesus preached to the spirits in prison?

The Crucified One//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Photo “The Crucified One” by Lawrence OP on http://www.flickr.com


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