Leap Second

Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass ...

Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass 2.jpg. Wooden hourglass. Total height:25 cm. Wooden disk diameter: 11.5 cm. Running time of the hourglass: 1 hour. Hourglass in other languages: ‘timglas’ (Swedish), ‘sanduhr’ (German), ‘sablier’ (French), ‘reloj de arena’ (Spanish), ‘zandloper’ (Dutch), ‘klepsydra’ (Polish), ‘přesýpací hodiny’ (Czech), ‘ampulheta’ (Portugese). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m late for a very important, very important second.  Must get myself together.  Must follow the check off list: pay bills, do the chores put aside for a single day out of the office, mow, do lessons, do research, do writing, and get ready.  Get ready, get ready, get ready.   It will take me all day, but I must get ready.  Can’t let it take me by surprise.

T. Merton would rush to the hermitage.  He would, I think.

Then at 8 PM EDT I shall just immerse myself in reverent silence for the moment.

I have been waiting so long for you, no it, no you.

Come leap second, come.