Studies in Daniel – Chapter 12

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Chapter 12

Daniel 12:1-4

See also: Rev. 20: 12-13; Exodus 32:33; I Thess. 4:15-16; I Cor. 15:52


Animosity will end v. 1 The time of distress and conflict will end.

Waiting will end v. 2 Deliverance will come.  The prophesies will be fulfilled.

Anxiety will end v. v. 1 If your name is written in the book, you will have no more worries. As Freshmen in a Christian college we signed a book called the “Book of Life”  We were enacting a drama that will come to pass at the end of the age.

Killing will end v. 2. They dead will awake to life.  The little children who were killed while they were going to church will live again.  Thanks be to God.  Here is an Old Testament reference to the coming resurrection.

Eternity will just begin v. 3. The wise and the righteous will shine for ever and ever.  The hymn writer asked, “Will there be any stars in your crown?”  For the faithful the answer is a resounding Yes.

Exemplary story:  JoAnn was not expecting an answer when she ended her phone call. She had just situated her two-year-old daughter in her car seat when the phone rang.  JoAnn’s husband had called to say that a worker had been injured on the job, and he was asked to stay late tonight to finish the daily quota, and he would be working through the weekend.  Their wedding anniversary plans would have to be postponed.  The baby sitter would not be needed for the evening. With tears in her eyes the mother spoke aloud without thinking and said, “When will it ever end?’ To her surprise the mother heard her two-year-old repeat a phrase she had picked up somewhere, “God only knows.”   JoAnn looked in the rearview mirror to see the two-year-old smiling contentedly.  This time JoAnn was thinking when she spoke aloud and said to her daughter, “Jen, you are so right.  God only knows.”  God knows the outcome of life, and from that we can take great comfort.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 11

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Chapter 11

Lesson 11

Daniel 11:21-35

See also: Mk. 13:14; I John 2:8 & 4:3; Daniel 8:13-14; 2 Thess. 2:3; 2 John 2:7


South v. 21 Palestine was caught in the grips of the Ptolemies in the South and the Selucids in the North.

Invasion v. 24-27 Antiochus Epiphanes took it upon himself to invade and conquer the South.

Egypt v. 28-29 The South come under the rule of Antiochus Epiphanes when he had the reigning Ptolemy killed.  He could keep his throne only a brief time.  He looted Egypt once and planned to do so a second time. True to the scripture a fleet of ships resisted him and turned him north toward Jerusalem.

Godlessness v. 21 In his anger Antiochus Epiphanes left Egypt to raid Jerusalem.  In Palestine he was responsible for the slaughter of 40,000 troops, the capture of 20, 000 troops, and the expulsion of 20,000 more troops.  To add to his conquest he had the temple desecrated with the sacrifice of a pig, and he set up a pagan image there.

Expulsion v. 33 -35 Antiochus Epiphanes was overcome by the underground forces of Israel led by Judas Maccabeus.

Exemplary story:  Today’s youth revel in the thought of playing with Wii.  Before there was Wii, there was Gamebox.  Before there was Gamebox there was the computer game Pong. However, before these computerized games there was something far more graphic – the vivid dream.  In answer to Daniel’s prayers he was sent a vivid dream, and the prophetic dream came to pass in the decades that followed.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 10

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Lesson 10

Daniel 10:10-14, 18-19

See also: I Peter 3:7; Eph. 6:12; Rms. 1:13 & 15:30; I John 4:4


Heavenly messenger v. 5-7 An angelic message comes for Daniel.

Earnest Prayer v. 2-3 Daniel conducted a 21 day fast.  It likely was a bread-and-water fast.  His answer was delayed.

Adversary v. 13a We are reminded that enemy forces may be preventing us from getting the answers to our prayers that we seek.

Relief v. 13b Michael tagged Gabriel, and Gabriel was able to reach Daniel with his answer.  Here we have a cosmic tag-team wrestling match.

Directives of God v. 14, 20-21 Specific directives are to be given to Daniel, but first he must be told that God heard his prayer the very hour he prayed.

Exemplary story:   A child was frightened by loud claps of thunder.  She asked her mother, “Why does it thunder?”  Her mother answered, “When you hear it thunder just think of the angels.  Imagine that angels are bowling in heaven when it thunders.”  When we contemplate the unseen forces that surround our world, we must keep our faith in God.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 9

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Lesson 9

Daniel 9:20-27

See also: Ps. 32:5; I John 1:9; Luke 5:21; Jer. 25:11-12; Gen. 2:3


Shame of Sin, v. 8, 9 The righteous Daniel has a burden for his people and their sin.

Ear of God v. 18 God has heard Daniel from the moment he prayed.

Vision v. 21-23 Daniel is given a vision of renewal and restoration.

End of Sin v. 24 The awful tribulation of the people of faith will come to an end.

Numbers  7 and 62 and 1  lead to hope v. 25  When we count the number of years we are led to the beginning of the life of Christ in 26 AD.  The ministry of Christ traditionally was spread over three and a half years, that is, time-times-and-half-a-time.

Note:  From 457 BC to 26 AD there are 483 years.  We arrive at the prophetic number of 483 when we add 62 weeks and 7 weeks for a total of 69 weeks and multiply 69 by 7.

Exemplary story:  Not long ago I spotted a poster that said, “When you add three nails plus one cross you get ‘4-given’.”  What a wonderful addition forgiveness makes to our lives.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 8

Prophet Daniel in Augsburg Cathedral

Prophet Daniel in Augsburg Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lesson 8

Daniel 8:20-26

See also: Ps 24:7-8; 2 Kings 18:20; Mk 13:14; Isaiah 2:19-21; 2 Thess: 2:3


Greece v. 21 Alexander the great conquered the remaining Persian empire.

Obstruction of Nations v. 22 For decades the two-horned Media-Persia had struggled to maintain power.  Then the single-horned power of Alexander the Great overcame this world order.

Ascent. V. 24 Alexander the Great conquered and succumbed.  Then his generals took over. Following them were the Caesars.  For Palestine this meant the rule under Seleucid or Ptolemy.  Eventually Antiochus Epiphanes was to conquer.

Trampling of the Holy   Place v. 24 When the Antiochus took out his wrath on the Jews he slaughtered a pig in the temple and set up an idolatrous image.

Exemplary story: A child and her grandfather took a ride in a helium filled balloon.  The ride was thrilling for the little girl who had never seen her village from the air.  When the basket scraped the treetop during the descent, the occupants were sent swinging in the breeze.  Later the child was asked it she was scared.  She said, “No, grandpa was beside me all the time.”

Historical note: Alexander the Great was the conqueror of the ancient world.  Symbolically he was a single horn broken away.  He was succeeded by his four generals who divided the ancient world as follows: Western provinces like Pergamon were ruled by Cassander;  Macedonia was ruled by Antigone; Syria was ruled by Seleucus; Egypt was ruled by  Ptolemy.  Antiochus Epiphanes (175-164 BC) desecrated the temple.  However, the loyal Jews fought back, and Judas Maccabaeus led the movement that restored the temple worship after a revolt in 167 BC.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 7

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Chapter 7

Daniel 7:16-18, 26-27

See also: Phil. 2:11; Mark 13:7; Rev. 17:11-14; Ps. 32:13-16; Dan. 2:41-42; I Cor. 15:24-28


Confligration of beasts v. 3 These beasts represent the warring leaders.

Outflanking by each v. 5 In Daniel’s day the Babaylonians are succeeded by the Medes, and they are succeeded by the Persians.

Unbridled eleventh king, v. 7, v. 24 After the ten Caesars a ruler comes to wreak havoc on Israel.

Repudiation of the 11th king v. 13, 26 This rulers is a  merciless ruler.  He disrupts the worship of God, but it leads to his downfall.

Trancendency of God’s Kingdom v. 14, 27 In spite of being devastated, God’s temple and God’s worship are restored.

Exemplary story:  Abe Lincoln put stock in a recurring dream that he would be assassinated, and his telling of the dream to his wife or his cabinet members was disturbing.  Nonetheless, his dream came to pass.  He was assassinated.

Historical note:  During the life of Daniel there were three world empire in succession: Babylon, Mede, Persia.  Following these was the conquest of Alexander the Great.  Upon his death his 4 generals divided the world of Greece.  Then came the 10 Caesars of Rome.   And later there were three powerful kings to follow of Lombards, Ravenna, and Rome.  Remember these numbers in succession representing empires and world leaders: 3, 1, 4, 10, 1, and 3.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 6

Prophet Daniel in Augsburg Cathedral

Prophet Daniel in Augsburg Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lesson 6

Daniel 6:10, 16-22


See also: Ps. 30:5; James 5:15; Prov. 15:8; Ps. 91:11-13; Dan. 3:25; I Thess 5:17

Litigation v. 5 A law made of jealousy was used to condemn Daniel.

Intercession –  v. 10 Daniel prayed. He prayed not the first nor the last time.

Oath v. 15-16 The King was true to his oath.

Night of trial v. 17-18 Daniel was tested, and the King was tested. When Daniel met the lions,   there was no smell of fear.

Salvation v. 21-22  God’s angle came again. The angel came to the furnace, and the angel came to the lions’ den.

Exemplary Story : A man in Tennessee was said to have met a bear and her cub.  He knew the bear, and respected her.  About to turn away he spotted a cougar.  To his surprise the bear came to his rescue and defeated the cougar.  Likewise we are rescued by our God.

Studies in Daniel — Chapter 4

Prophet Daniel in Augsburg Cathedral

Prophet Daniel in Augsburg Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel 4:28-37

See also: Prov. 16:18; 2 Peter 3:3-4; 2 Sam. 1:19; Ps 91:9-10; Is. 26:3; Mk. 5:15


Arrogance  v. 30 Nebuchadnezzar forgot to praise.

Negligence v. 29 Nebuchadnezzar forgot the dream.

God v. 31 God was true to God’s word and punished his prideful behavior.

Stultification v. 23 The king lived a dog’s live.

Therapy v. 34-35 The Spa of nature and God’s praise brought Nebuchadnezzar back.

Exemplary Story: Oliver Sacks wrote The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat.  He lived through a nightmare and later told his experience.  Likewise Nebuchadnezzar lived through his breakdown and in the end he gave his praise to a God who restores.  Praise is a wonderful way to live beyond angst.

Studies in Daniel — Chapter 3

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Daniel 3:13-18, 22-27

See also 1 Jn. 5:21; I Thess. 5:24; Ps. 23:4; Matt. 18:20; Acts 18:9-10; Rev. 2:10; Josh 24:14-15


Faithful – The 3 wise men daily worshiped God.

Insult – The advisors prompted the king to set up an idol.

Edict – The advisors incited the king to issue a do-or-die edict.

Reliance – Before they were tested the three expressed their faith in God and their faithfulness to God.

Yokefellow – There were 4 persons in the furnace and not three; and the king said the       fourth was like a son of God.

Exemplary story:  Ashley Sidney Johnson found inspiration in the story of George Mueller.  When he ran a school for boys George Mueller believed the promise found in Matthew 6:6.  When he prayed he would trust no one but God to supply his need, and God did so.

Studies in Daniel – Chapter 2

The prophet Daniel

The prophet Daniel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Daniel 2:25-30, 44-45

See also Mat 1:20; Acts 2:17; Heb. 1:1-2; Rev. 21:1-2; Prov. 16:33; Ps. 139:2;  2 Kings 19:27


Divulgence in a dream – Though the message was gone like a fog, it was sent from God.

Rampage – The king asks, “If you cannot interpret the dream, what good are you?”

Entreaty – Daniel made prayer a priority and enlisted the prayers of others.

Answer – Brain wave theorists say the delta brain waves put us in touch with a deep and common thought pattern.  Daniel had a vision of the dream God sent.

Meaning – As Daniel relates the dream it gives reassurance for now to the king and for us             later.  The stone is the stone of stumbling that grows to into the church.

Exemplary story:  There is a passage in the writings of the poet Carlyle that I treasure.  It tells of a man who dreamed he walked in a field of flowers.  When he awakes he finds a lily upon his breast.