Turning Corners in Faith

Stop Sign-State Property

Stop Sign-State Property (Photo credit: Lee Cannon)

Turning Corners in Faith 


It was still early, and the rain clouds had not yet unloaded their chilling rain on this January 1, 2013. So, I decided to press on.


I was cycling before it began to rain.  If you don’t cycle, you may not appreciate the feeling of beating rain and cold.  I had watched the weather and the clouds from the day before.  I knew that if there was a New Year’s Day ride for me, it would have to be early.  Now I was on the short ride, and I didn’t want to stop.


I crossed Lexington Drive, and I resumed the Bicentennial Greenway.  Within three hundred yards the greenway split.  First, I turned right and continued to a stop sign.  Enough.  I returned, and at the fork I took the left split.


There it was.  Surprise.  A park sign.  Let me see where this goes, I was saying to myself.  Within just another two hundred yards I was at the park.  It was the  Montlieu Elementary School park.


Four or five days of the week I ride past the school on my way to work.  When traffic slows I look at the park and wonder where the trails and the walkway lead.  I wonder how they connect with the other trails.


Here was one more of those lessons on faith.  If only I would apply a little more faith and a little more foot power the surprise might be that I would find an answer to my questions.

Thanksgiving 2012 — Psalm 150:6

Bird - Seagull enjoying the sunset

Bird – Seagull enjoying the sunset (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.

As we approach Thanksgiving we have a choice.  We humans who have life have breath.  No doubt you have “everything” going on just about now.  Don’t we all?  We may be feeling the weight of life, and some days are weightier than others.

Birds know how to do it.  Cows know how to do it.  The black cat that was purring on Sunday afternoon knew how to do it.

Do what?  What’s the choice? As we breathe in and as we breath out let a word of thanksgiving be upon our breath.