Have you seen the off-switch?

English: A pile of Southern Fall leaves

English: A pile of Southern Fall leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


They had just begun to fall, when I started my search.

Small piles of leaves have begun to accumulate well ahead of the first frost.

Just today I spied a maple with a handful of leaves showing red-orange tinges.  It’s just too early.

I left the search for a day, and the leaves began to drift into a tiny mound.  Sunday’s cool storm brought down more.  By not searching just one day I fear I may have sabotaged my prospects.

If ever I could find it, I know things would be just right.  I would put a stop to this accelerating seasonal change.

The more I look the more leaves I seem to find.  They were just scattered leaves when I began my search, and already they are making little mounds.  If I am not careful it will be too late.

Say, you haven’t seen the off switch have you?  It’s the one we use to stop the season dead in its tracks.