Will of God: Pt 2

Holy Spirit dove window

Holy Spirit dove window (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

Study 2: Roman 12:2: The Acceptable Will of God

See: I K 21:27-29; Gen 50:20; Rms. 8:28; Deut 4:24; Lev 19:2; Ps 106:1-2; Jn.3:17

Corruption of sin – both the world and individuals suffer

Holiness of God – God does not join in the corruption of the world nor surrender

Obstacles turned to opportunities – Robert Schuler’s phrase

Steadfast love – God does not give up like the father waiting on the prodigal

Evangelism – God’s goal through the suffering and turmoil is to win back the world

Exemplary story: On the internet was a story: “How to make a vacation at home – 21 tips.”  One tip was to make a lemonade stand.  To do it you turn lemons into lemonade.